OPIO gives businesses a review site for their website. By putting an OPIO review feed on your website, you drive customers directly to your page. This review feed is instantly updated every time a customer leaves a new review. These reviews also generate content for your website, which improves your websites SEO and web traffic. By having your reviews directly on your website with OPIO,  your website shows up with Google review stars for better exposure. 

For multi-local businesses, OPIO provides a unique review feed for each location. Each location review feed should be placed on the location website to ensure users are reading the relevant reviews for the location they are interested in. By giving unique feeds to each location, OPIO takes the hassle out of customers sorting through thousands of reviews to find the reviews relevant to a specific location. These feeds also generate content for location pages, which improves SEO and web traffic for generic Google search results. These feeds also ensure each location page shows up with Google review stars. 

The OPIO review feed can be managed through the OPIO dashboard. As a business owner, you have login credentials that allow you to manage all of your locations and businesses in one easy place. There are many features in the dashboard that help your business acquire, display, and authenticate reviews. For a more detailed understanding of these features, please consult your OPIO brochure. 

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