Once you have received the name and email address of your client, you can request a review immediately! Please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to OPIO with the 'For Business' tab

  2. Search for your business. If you have multiple locations, be sure to select the proper location. If you have just one location, you should see the profile immediately when you log in

  3. Click on your business

  4. Click on the 'Review Request' tab at the top of the screen

  5. Select the blue 'Add Customer' buttonĀ 

  6. Input the customers information

  7. Edit your text. A pre-populated email template will display. Feel free to edit this text to reflect what you want to ask

  8. Select the 'send a follow up email in 7 days if no feedback received' box if you wish to do so

  9. Press Send

  10. Voila! Your customer will now receive the review request email. Once they leave a review, you will be able to see this in your Customer Review Dashboard as well as on your site

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