If you see a red dot next to your business profile, the link to your review page on your website is not accurate. This means that the OPIO dashboard cannot link the feed to your website. To fix this:

  1.  Click on your business that has the red dot

  2. Click the 'Review Feed' button at the top

  3. You should see red text "code status: not setup"

  4. Click the 'Feed Settings' dial to the right of it

  5. Once open, you will see a field that says "Review Feed URL." Type in the URL where your OPIO review feed will appear and has been added to the code. For example, if your company has a 'reviews page' on your website, it would look like: www.examplecompany.com/reviews/

  6. Once you enter the Review Feed URL, click 'save'

  7. This should then update the color to green

  8. If this does not work, please ensure that you have installed the OPIO review feed code on the right page. To review how to do this, go back to the 'Review Feed' tab and 'Choose your Platform' for your website hosting site. This will then take you through the prompts to ensure the code is properly set up.

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